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kelsey gary



KG Truck & Auto has been proudly serving Glen Burnie, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas in Maryland since 2012. Kelsey Gary got his start in the automotive industry from the time he was 5 years old, taking apart his new toys to see what was inside and figuring out how to make them work again, very much like his father, Timothy Gary. When Kelsey became of working age, he started working in the quick lube at Bob Bell Ford In Glen Burnie, MD. This is where his career began. He quickly became one of the leading master diesel technicians in the automotive and heavy truck industry. Eventually, all his side work became his full-time work. With a new baby on the way, he sold all his vehicles he worked hard to purchase and began a limo company named JOY RIDE. This newfound limo service was a means of extra income in addition to working full time at the dealer to support his new growing family. After more than two years of working full time and his limousine service company becoming very successful, he had to make a tough decision to dedicate himself in one direction. Thus, KG Truck was born. He began as a one-man shop in a single bay working from 6am to 3am. Quality, turnaround time, fairness and transparency were always top priority and his commitment to his clients. After 1 year, he outgrew that shop and moved a quarter mile up the road to a larger facility. This was the turning point of growth for the company. Staying at that location for almost four years, but outgrowing that location within the first two years, KG Truck & Auto was recently able to purchase its very own location right off Michaels 8th Ave. Our continued success is a complete byproduct of the amazing team we have built, amazing and loyal clientele and relentless commitment to quality, fairness and transparency in everything we do!

stephanie flores



Over four years ago, Stephanie Flores made a drastic career change. She left behind a career in communications, marketing and sales for a new endeavor in the automotive and truck repair industry. The deeper she emerged herself in this new industry through automotive, light, medium and heavy truck classes, a/c and electrical, she quickly realized how disconnected the industry was between meeting their client’s needs, and shop standards. This is where the decision to venture off with KG Truck emerged. Stephanie found that the fundamental principles of COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY, AND FAIRNESS were well established within the genetic makeup of KG truck, precepts that she had engrained in her from her previous career. Stephanie Flores and Kelsey Gary then began a campaign, one conference table at a time, to solidify these into reality for each client. Through this quest, that continues today, the company has grown by creating customizable programs for each client to utilize in their day to day operations that give the client back the control and knowledge over their fleet, business and employees. KG Truck plays a part in all our customer’s journeys, whether it’s buying their child’s first vehicle, an owner growing his fleet, to being stuck on the side of the road at 3am. KG truck and Stephanie’s commitment has always been to redefine the way people experience the automotive and truck repair industry. KG TRUCK & AUTO…because we’re better than the dealer!

mr mcbubbertin



Mc Bubbertin is KG Truck’s beloved family member and quickly becoming Baltimore’s mascot. He is our official greeter originally from Missouri and relocated to Glen Burnie, MD at only 10 weeks old. He spends most of his days laying on his back begging for attention, occasionally helps Chris (parts manager) organize parts, spill his water bowl every day and clean the floor with his ears. He enjoys short walks on the beach, stealing your lunch off your desk and long belly rubs that put him to sleep.

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