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Our fleet truck customers do not need to spend valuable time in the shop with transmission issues due that could have been avoided by servicing their fleet vehicles based on their owner's manual recommendations!  Especially if it is simply changing a clogged filter, changing fluids or clutch issues!  Our transmission technicians here at KG Truck & Auto in Glen Burnie believe that service = saving high repair bills!   Therefore, we believe in a proactive approach!

Our fleet truck drivers always call us when they are experiencing a transmission problem which can be anythng from a minor issue to something major but we have found that by setting up a proactive service schedule based on the vehicle and their specific use of it we can avoid serious downtime and high repair costs.  The last thing we want is for you to deal with transmission failure while you are on the road so we prevent low transmission fluid, clogged filters, and problems with the clutch that can contribute to transmission failure!

Clogged Filter.  Changing your filter when we change your fluids is always mandatory so that we can avoid issues and keep those fluids clean vs a dirty filter circulating dirty fluids through the transmission.  Our fleet truck drivers put a lot of wear and tear on their transmissions and it is always best to be take that extra step when we do a transmission fluid flush.  When the transmission fluid filter is clogged, not enough fluid will be able to pass through it and the transmission can overheat or completely shut down, both of which can be extremely problematic especially for our fleet customers. We believe in avoiding that downtime!

Clutch Problems.  Fleet trucks with manual transmissions have extra issues to take into consideration with their clutch as they shift gears.  They put a lot of wear and tear on them with their starts and stops on their routes.  If your clutch is jammed, your truck might shake and you may have difficulty switching between gears which indicates a real problem and a need to call us promptly.  The go too for your clutch or transmission is if it sounds or smells strange when you use that clutch it is never a good sign.  The other is if you see red fluids under your truck it's a problem!  

Fluids.  These are always an important part of any conversation and keep your transmission lubricated, which allows it to do its job without issues.  However, a leak will drain the fluid and friction will be created causing serious problems!  Keep an eye out for RED puddles in your driveway or under your parking spot when you pull away and if you are experiencing any issues give our team a call.  Dirty fluid can also cause transmission issues putting dirt into your transmission which then goes all through it causing serious damage.

Our goal is to ensure your transmission works smoothly and allows your fleet to drive where you need them when you need them to be there with low service costs vs. high replacement costs. We do offer JASPER transmission replacements which have a fantastic 3 yr parts and labor nationwide warranty but we prefer to discuss that when your transmission has several 100,000 miles on it! It is all about being a valuable partner to our fleet customers treating your business as if it were our business.

If you have any questions about your fleet trucks or fleet cars or are interested in partnering with us to service your fleet simply give us a call. Our highly trained ASE certified technicians are exceptional transmission mechanics and diesel mechanics ready to take care of your needs here at KG Truck & Auto in Glen Burnie.