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Everyone has different habits when it comes to washing their vehicle. Many people see it as a purely cosmetic thing, so as long as their vehicle is running and driving right they don’t see a point in washing it all that often. In actuality, washing your vehicle is also an important aspect of maintenance and making a vehicle last. KG Truck & Auto in Glen Burnie, MD has some vehicle washing tips for you, to keep your vehicle in shape for years to come.


While skipping a wash isn’t nearly as harmful as skipping an oil change, keeping your vehicle clean is still something to think about. Tree sap and other materials that adhere to your vehicle can ruin a clear coat and paint, and faster than you might imagine. Dust and debris allow your vehicle to scratch more easily. Salt, mud, and water from wet roads coat the bottom of your vehicle in wet or icy conditions and will damage not only the body of your vehicle but can harm brake components, exhaust, etc. When paint problems escalate or salt and dirty water from the road are allowed to build up and stay on your vehicle, rust issues will begin to develop. Rust is cancerous to a vehicle; once it starts, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of. The best way to deal with rust is to prevent it from happening in the first place. While rust is inevitable to some degree, proper care significantly slows it down, which will save you a lot of headaches and frustration in the future.

The bottom line is, keep your vehicle clean…and not only the areas you can see. Take care to wash out wheel wells, and the underside as best you can. We aren’t saying take a toothbrush to every inch of the underside of your vehicle but running it through an automatic vehicle wash or taking an extra minute to spray debris off the bottom of your vehicle will go a long way. Soap, a water hose, a good rag, and a soft-bristled hand brush are really all you need to keep your vehicle clean. Use the brush to tackle caked-on dirt that the rag can’t remove, and for tree sap, asphalt, and other stubborn materials. Wax is also a crucial part of rust prevention and paint preservation. Keeping your vehicle waxed dramatically increases the lifespan of your paint. It not only makes the vehicle look better, but it also forms a protective layer that will keep your vehicle looking good for far longer and creates a surface that debris has a more difficult time sticking to.

If you are having rust issues, cosmetic or mechanical, or any other issue with your vehicle, come see us at KG Truck & Auto. We know how to take care of you, and your vehicle!