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Fleet Management in Glen Burnie and All Across Maryland

KG Truck & Auto maintains a diverse portfolio of accounts from corporate 3rd party and government agencies. Our team performs fleet management repairs and maintenance for Anne Arundel County, Anne Arundel County Schools, BWI, and more. We are an authorized and preferred vendor for Element (formerly PHH Fleet Management), Donlen, Enterprise fleet, ARI, Lease Plan, CB Charge, WEX, and more. Our team is knowledgeable, trained, and certified to handle the necessary services from start to finish. Our direct relationship with national fleet management programs allows faster turnaround times and helps avoid delays. We normally need one to two days to perform maintenance services for your vehicles and specialty equipment.

fleet of armored trucks

Why Choose KG for Government, State, and Local Work?

Since the conception of KG Truck & Auto in 2012, we have been on a mission to redefine the way clients experience the automotive and truck industry. This mission is what has propelled KG Truck & Auto in Glen Burnie, MD to continue to break the mold and stigma surrounding independently owned and operated repair shops in our industry as a whole. Innovative, custom results-driven solutions should be available to everyone, no matter the client, size of the company, types of vehicle, and company needs. What does need to vary is how any one of these core principals are executed with each client. Over that past few years, KG Truck & Auto has built a diverse portfolio in almost every lane of our industry. Our team is equipped and trained to handle government, state, local, and 3rd party procedures. We understand there is a very specific order in which bids, estimates, approval processes, and payments must be handled. While some institutions find this process invasive or not equipped with properly trained personnel rest assured, our highly trained and skilled team members are here to assist.

True Fact# Stephanie Flores the VP of KG Truck & Auto before coming on board with Kelsey Gary and KG Truck & Auto she had a previous career in D.O.D Contracting and enterprise sales. She continues to heavily immerse in continued classes, training, and involvement with the SBA committee to advocate productive changes for our industry.

Discover How Onsite Service Works for You, Your Team, Your Company

FLEET MAINTENANCE SERVICES STREAMLINE MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL COSTS. Our Fleet Maintenance services help you stay on top of preventative maintenance, get ahead of mechanical issues and concerns before they become costly break downs and vehicle downtime. The program also relieves the pressure put on fleet managers and drivers to keep up with schedules, DOT/ COMAR and safety inspections, and scheduling vehicles back for past due to repairs and more. Call today to find out how we can help you create a custom turnkey solution, any company, any size, any business model.

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