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Independent Owner & Operators Rely on KG Truck & Auto

There are no special requirements you must meet to qualify for a fleet account. Whether you are starting your company and have one truck or 100 vehicles, the standards of service and fleet management at KG Truck & Auto are the same. We are proud supporters of independent owners and local businesses. We work our hardest to ensure your company doesn’t falter because of your need for fleet repair services. Trust our ASE (American Service Excellence) -certified mechanics to handle your fleet and get each piece of equipment running again efficiently.

close up of kg truck and auto truck

Trusted Experience Since 2012

We know what’s is like to start at ground zero with nothing more than a set of tools, a killer skill set, and a mission to succeed. That is exactly how KG Truck & Auto was born in 2012. Through many years of business, growth, success, and growing pains, we have lovingly coined a phrase that best describes who we are as individuals, leaders, and innovators of our craft. We are the “boots on the ground team” no level of success would ever deter us from getting on the ground, jumping in the dirt with our team and clients, working hard to the ungodly hours of 3 a.m. and longer to continue learning from the ground up, at every level, from every position in our company and yours to continue perfecting what we do best. We redefine the way people experience the automotive and truck industry through a custom and consultative approach. WE ARE PROUDLY YOUR BOOTS ON THE GROUND TEAM! It is our promise and guarantee, no matter your company fleet size, we will provide a custom experience and solution to help you on your journey of success. We want to be a part of your story.

Meet with KG to Discuss Preventative Maintenance Services

Our scheduled maintenance programs help your fleet stay in tip-top shape and avoid costly break downs and downtimes. Our KG Truck & Auto team helps keep you running smoothly. Most independently-owned and -operated companies can’t afford to have subpar fleet repair services. That is why residents in Glen Burnie, MD and beyond have been coming to our garage for the past eight years. We are the most trusted fleet services team on the East Coast!

Schedule Your Maintenance