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KG Truck & Auto Brings Auto Services to You!

There will come a time when you are in a tough spot and can’t bring your car to us for necessary repairs. Towing may also not be an option because of the expense. Have no fear! KG Truck & Auto is here! We can bring our industry’s best tools and knowledge to deliver on-site auto services to you. We can work on it all, no matter where your car is located in Glen Burnie, MD.

kg truck and auto truck

How KG’s On-Site Auto Services Help Your Fleet

Our fleet preventative maintenance (PM) services help you stay on top of your fleet’s needs and get ahead of mechanical issues and concerns before they become costly breakdowns. Our services also prevent vehicle downtime to help maintain their ability to make you money. We work with you to understand your fleet and implement proper PM intervals, specifications, and objectives. We then relentlessly manage our field operations team to ensure our customers are maintaining proper PM Currency – guaranteeing a well-maintained fleet and avoiding costly repairs down the road. The program also relieves the pressure put on fleet managers and drivers to:

  • Keep up with your business’ schedules
  • DOT, COMAR, and safety inspections
  • Schedule vehicles for past due repairs
  • Fix and adjust improper fixes from another team
  • And more

High-Quality Services When You Need Them

In 2012, Kelsey Gary began his journey to becoming the best. Since then, his garage has grown into the most trusted on-site auto service center on the East Coast. Our ASE (American Service Excellence) -certified mechanics can reach you anywhere in Glen Burnie, MD. Equipped with high-quality tools and a wealth of knowledge, they will give your fleet, car, truck, SUV, or minivan the attention it deserves even when you can’t bring it in yourself. Let KG Truck & Auto be an extension of your team. We are here to work for you and with YOU!

Schedule Your Maintenance